Gluten-free holiday

Planning a holiday and you have a food allergy? No worries, at our hotel you won’t even know about it. Our great chefs think of celiacs and others who have to consider what to put on their plate. And so, with us, a holiday for two, with teenagers and small children with big dietary restrictions is always a pleasant experience.

Food allergy is trouble but nowadays it can be managed with a little effort. There are products gluten-free and lactose-free and experienced allergy sufferers already know what foods to buy and where to buy them. However, a trip away from home is often challenging. A holiday can easily turn into a stay full of stomach aches (at best).

But we want our guests to take a break from their everyday worries and leave us happy and full of energy. In addition to the cosy accommodation in a beautiful mountain setting, there are also culinary experiences. That’s why we thought about people who have gluten allergies when we created our menu. When you look at our regular menu
, it’s obvious at a glance that more than half of the dishes on our menu can be prepared in a gluten-free version. You can enjoy sirloin or pancakes and other delicacies, on the menu gluten-free options in each of the three classic courses. We also avoid ingredients with hidden gluten, such as certain cured meats, starchy flavourings and sweets.

You’re fine with gluten, but you have to walk around cow’s milk? We will also boldly confront lactose intolerance, we just need to know this from our guests in advance so that we can arm ourselves properly. Our range of lactose-free and plant-based products will satisfy not only lactose-intolerant guests, but also vegetarians.

We cook with honest, mostly local ingredients. Breakfast is served buffet style, dinner is buffet or plated depending on the season, always with soup, main course, salad bar and dessert. So you can safely put your food allergy worries behind you and start making a travel plan instead of a grocery list. Upper Malá Úpa offers countless of them.

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