Baroque church of St. Peter and Paul

The Baroque church of St. Peter and Paul is the heart and symbol of Malá Úpa. It was built in 1788-1789 and at the time it was the highest church in Bohemia (currently it is in the 4th place, after the church in Kvilda, Boží Dar and St. Thomas near Lipno), located at an altitude of 975 m.

A relaxing walk either through the Eliška valley, along the yellow or red trail from the centre of Pomezní Boudy (ideally turn left after Bowling on the cross-country trail). The road is full of views of Sněžka and the valley. The church and its surroundings are a popular destination for many pilgrims.

The church is only 3 km away. Even small children, sports prams and bicycles can make the journey.

In 1779, the future Emperor Joseph II, accompanied by the famous General Laudon, visited Malá Úpa. As part of his religious policy, he had a church built for the local highlanders in 1791. In 1806 the wooden church burnt down after a lightning strike.

The construction of a new church was started immediately and a year later, in 1807, the Holy Mass was celebrated there. On the centenary, a commemorative inscription with the year 1791 and an Austrian eagle was placed on the ceiling arch between the presbytery and the nave. Shortly afterwards in 1889 the church was renovated on a larger scale. The last repair was carried out under difficult conditions in 1986.

The church has a new working clock, for the restoration of which money was collected through a public collection among local citizens. The original clockwork has been moved to the Infocentre.

During the summer season, masses are celebrated in the church, the most important one on the occasion of St. Peter and Paul.

The church is a place with an amazing atmosphere, many hiking trails meet here and if you don’t know where to go today, you will definitely not make a mistake if you go “to the church”.

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Baroque church of St. Peter and Paul