Cyclists are welcome in the Giant Mountains. This is evidenced by the hundreds of kilometres of cycle paths running through the national park and its foothills.

Not only is the area a hiker’s paradise, but it is also an attractive place for cyclists. There are several cycling paths in the area, not only for mountain and trekking bikes, but also for road bikes. The cycle paths have different difficulty levels, are well marked, equipped with orientation maps and resting places. You just have to choose which bike trip you will ride first.

The Giant Mountains Cycle Buses will help you with transport across the Giant Mountains during your trips.

There are 27 cycling routes and cycle paths in the Giant Mountains. A list of some of the most interesting ones and more information can be found on the summer hiking page.

The main cycling route is the Jizera-Krkonošská magistrála connecting Harrachov and Žacléř (71 km), the others are a system of circular and destination cycling routes leading to interesting places in the Giant Mountains. They use the majority of passable forest roads III. zone of the Giant Mountains National Park. To II. or Zone I only very rarely. The entire network of cycle routes and cycle paths in Harrachov is connected to the long-distance road cycling route of the KČT system no. 55.

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Check out the footage (link is external) of the routes so you know what to expect:

All you have to do is choose which bike trip you will ride first.

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