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Brewery Trautenberk



In 2015, at an altitude of 1045 metres above sea level, five metres underground in a cellar that is one hundred and three years old, we start brewing beer. This is the beginning of our story about the Trautenberk Brewery, the youngest addition to the family of Krkonoše microbreweries. We built it in Malá Úpa, number 87, in the premises of the former Tippelt’s hut, later Družba.

We brew beer without pasteurization and filtering, refreshing, drinkable and bitter just right.

Our brewery is a joint-stock company, with the support of the municipality, locals and the local ski area SKiMU contributed to its creation – and everyone is happy to have it on tap!

The quality of Trautenberk beer is supervised by brewers Vojtěch Kaprálek and Tomáš Ďuríček.

In addition to draught beer, we also sell beer in atypically shaped pet bottles and in a gift pack with four thirds bottles, which are not only thanks to their great content a unique souvenir!

Right above the brewery is a small shop where you can buy as much as you can carry.

In the car – a keg or two, buy as much as you have room for and take to your home pub for a taste.

In your backpack – the petka will not offend, on the hike you will wash away your thirst, on the skialps you will replenish your energy, and what’s more, ours have a unique look, you will like them.

In the box – it is a gift box with four glass thirds in it. The perfect gift for your neighbour and your boss.

And as a souvenir? What a trip it would be if you didn’t take away a pint with the original logo of the brewery as a souvenir and, of course, a coaster underneath.
Tel: +420 733 746 444
Horní Malá Úpa 87
542 27 Malá Úpa

Cottage Hradečanka


Italian restaurant with a Michelin chef directly from Parma, ingredients imported directly from Italy or bought from local farmers, our motto is FRESH.

Wine cellar – archive of not only world, but also Czech and Slovak wines.
tel.: +420 720 213 513
Horní Malá Úpa 41
542 27 Malá Úpa

Sokolí huts

Our restaurant offers traditional home cuisine with Giant Mountains specialties and homemade desserts. The restaurant has a north and south terrace, including a children’s playroom, where your kids will be entertained and you will enjoy your snack. You can taste semi-dark 13° from the local Trautenberk brewery or traditional 12° Pilsner or 11° Svijany. For coffee or tea lovers, we offer Illy coffee or loose-leaf teas packed in Ronnefeldt cotton. For children, traditional mountain drinks galore.

The restaurant has a north and south terrace full of sunshine and beautiful views.

Opening hours
Mon – Sun : 11:00 am to 11:00 pm and more
Tel: +420 731 186 000
Dolní Malá Úpa 114,
542 27 Malá Úpa


Restaurant Moravanka offers refreshments with a view of Sněžka.

Open daily in high season, in low season it is better to check opening hours by phone.
Tel: +420 727 875 081
Dolní Malá Úpa 79
542 27 Malá Úpa

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