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Jsme přímo na trase stezky na Sněžku

You can reach the highest mountain of the Czech Republic – Sněžka by several routes.

The most beautiful and full of views is the one from Horní Mala Úpa. We’re responsible for that with our own necks. Not only is Malá Úpa a traditional mountain town that will leave its romantic charm on you, but there is also an indescribable atmosphere that must be experienced. Now just choose your means of transport and get going. We have parking ready for you and the bus stops right at the border and at the signpost to Sněžka. Upper Malá Úpa is at an altitude of 1050 m. n. m., the path to Sněžka is milder than from Pec pod Sněžkou.

Most tourists choose the red trail, which is classic, pleasant and relaxing. You certainly can’t go wrong. Another option is the yellow route. At the beginning you will follow a contour, which will be replaced by a climb. The road is asphalt, perfect for strollers and cyclists.

A bit of adventure awaits you on the blue trail – the so-called Czech-Polish Friendship Trail, you will pass Čelo, Tabula and Owl’s Saddle. The road is very pleasant and without big stones. On this route, the Krkonoše Mountains will show you unusual views of the Polish side.All three routes meet at the Jelence tourist hut, where you can refresh yourself from your backpack or use traditional Krkonoše refreshments. You can quench your thirst with local beer Trautenberk, brewed directly in Malá Úpa. Jelenka is the last cottage below the top of Sněžka at an altitude of 1.260 m. n. m., where you can catch your breath in good weather. The classic mountain atmosphere here deserves at least a little attention and contemplation. A balm for the soul. For strollers and cyclists, the path to Sněžka no longer continues. Then it’s just a walk.

From Jelenka you have two choices. The blue trail takes you up a steep hill to Svorova hora and then it is a stone’s throw to Snezka. You can also use the second option as a return journey – i.e. on the green. From Jelenka, turn left and the path will lead you along the slopes of Sněžka, called the Sněžka. a traverse with amazing views. You will get about halfway between Růžová hora and Sněžka. Then it’s only a short walk up.

Soak up the magical atmosphere and enjoy the beauty of the Giant Mountains.

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