Right next to the hotel Wellness Resort Bouda Malá Úpa we have built a modern multifunctional pitch with a soft surface.

We rent rackets and tennis balls. 

Playing Information

Please see the booking conditions and opening hours under the multi-pitch tab. 

Rules of tennis

Characteristics of the game

Tennis is a very elegant ball game that can be played by two or four players. The game requires a tennis racket, ball, tennis court and net. Tennis players can be of any age, height, weight or gender. However, at the professional level, men and women play separately, with the exception of tournaments where a man and woman on each side play against each other in doubles. This doubles game is called “mix”.


If a player scores a point, the score is 15-0,
If player scores a second point, the score is 30:0,
If the player scores a third point, the score is 40:0,
If he gets the fourth point he wins the game.

If the score is 40:40 (called a match),
the nearest point counts as an advantage for the player who earned it.

If the same player gets the next point, he wins the game, if he doesn’t it is a tie again.

The match is played to 2 or 3 winning sets, at the discretion of the competition organisers.

The first player to win 6 games wins 1 set (e.g. 6:2). However, they must win at least two games more than their opponent (e.g. 8:6). The object of the game is to get the required number of sets before your opponent. (For example 6:2, 4:6, 8:6)

The game itself starts with a serve, which is made from the back baseline.

The player who serves hands the ball and hits it with the racket before it hits the ground. He must place this ball when serving from the right into the opponent’s left service area (the square behind the net on the opponent’s side). In the event of an erroneous submission, the submitter has a corrective second submission. A change of serve occurs when one player wins the game.

After a good serve has been made, players take turns hitting until one player misses or misplaces the ball or commits another infraction (hits the net, touches the ball with his body, plays a double-touch, etc.).

If we don’t want to lose points, the strokes we play must “fit” into the field. This means that the ball must fly over the net and land in the opponent’s field. If a player does not hit the ball during play, he may make repeated attempts to hit it.

The most common mistakes in the game

These are the most common mistakes in the game that score a point for the opponent.

  • The player hits the net
  • The player misses the opponent’s field – called “out”
  • The player plays with his body
  • The ball hits the ground twice before the player plays it
  • The second serve did not reach the service square or did not cross the net
  • The player plays the so-called double-touch – the ball touches the racket twice during the stroke
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