In the summer months we build an outdoor course with 18 lanes of miniature golf on the area of the Wellness Resort Bouda Malá Úpa. Bring your family, friends and come and have fun with a game perfect for kids, beginners, and advanced athletes. Try a relaxing game for everyone.

Operating hours of the minigolf course

On request
Monday – Sunday
9 – by sunset

Rules of miniature golf

  1. Minigolf is played on eighteen obstacle courses (=one circuit). It is forbidden to enter or step on the tracks because of the possible breaking and destruction of the track.
  2. Minigolf is played with balls and clubs. The purpose of the game is to get the ball from the base area to the target (hole) in as few strokes as possible.
  3. When playing in a group, players play consecutively in the order they determine in advance. Max. number of players in the group is four.
  4. The stroke may be made when the ball is at rest and shall be made principally with a golf club.
  5. Each strike counts as one point. If the ball fails to reach the target after six counted strokes, an additional point must be added. The maximum number of points per lane is therefore seven.
  6. The obstacle is crossed if the ball has crossed the boundary line (red line). If this does not happen and the obstacle is therefore not overcome, the player must always start from the starting square (the black rectangle at the beginning of the track).
  7. If the ball stops after overcoming an obstacle or at the boundary line, it can be transfered by hand to the nearest black line (translation line).
  8. If the ball comes back infront of the boundary line and stops there, play continues from where it crossed the boundary line on the return run.
  9. Play on the lane is terminated when a player has received the ball in the target area or hole in accordance with the previous rules.
  10. The ball from miniature golf holes is taken out principally by hand.

We wish you a successful game.

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