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There are 10 peaks higher than 1,000 m in Malá Úpa and its surroundings. They are marked with top posts with marking devices. Most of them are close to marked trails, and you’ll have to hike to the top for some of them. If you buy a map for 30 CZK at the Malá Úpa Information Centre and get marks from all the peaks, you will get a small gift for your efforts.

1. Sněžka (1602 m)

The marking post at the highest point of Malá Úpa can be found at the entrance to the viewing terrace of the Czech Post Office Anežka. Sněžka can be reached by the red marked ridge path, or from Spálené Mlýn via Růžohorky, or by a detour via the Polish Karpacz.

2. Svorová hora (1410 m)

You can find Svorová hora or Černá Kupa on the popular red marked route from Pomezní Boudy to Sněžka. The steep climb from the Jelenka hut after the peak turns into the undulating Obří hřeben with the most beautiful natural parts of the Malá Úpa.

3. Tabule (1282 m)

The forest ridge or also Smrčinná hillside has two peaks. The main one is decorated with a rock outcrop with a lookout point, which offers unique views of Sněžka and Karpacz. To get here, follow the blue trail from Pomezní sheds or from Soví sedlo. An interesting variant is the ascent from the north from the Tabáková road.

4. Čelo (1269 m)

Čelo, only in its Polish name Czoło, is a secondary peak of the Tabule. The nearest hill near Pomezní Boudy climbs steeply along the state border on a blue marked trail. To the left of it is the Pomezky ski slope. The column is not directly on the top, but right next to the road.

5. Lysečinská hora (1188 m)

From Pomezní Boudy you can reach it by the green marked Železná trail, from Rennerovy Boudy by climbing the ski slope of the U kostela ski area, from the south from the Pohádková trail with a stop at Pacestník. Look for the peak between the border milestones no. 18/1 and IV/18. The column is not directly on the top, but right next to the road.

6. Dlouhý hřeben (1085 m)

From Cestník, walk to the summit along the steep rocky path, then turn left onto the grassy path after crossing the next peak. The formerly deforested ridge is becoming overgrown, yet you can enjoy beautiful views of Mala Úpa and other thousand peaks.

7. Kraví hora (1072 m)

You will go to the distant peak with a circular view from the church on the eastern side of Kraví hora and before you reach the stop of the Pohádková trail “How Krakonoš made friends with people”, you will climb up the forest passage to the top. Alternatively, you can reach it from the northern stop of the Pohádková trail with a view of Pomezní Boudy and Sněžka (orientation is more difficult, however).

8. Haida (999 m)

The large peak is crossed by a forest path, which is converted into a cross-country ski trail in winter. The highest point is determined only by a marking post, which is not directly on the summit, but on the edge of the clearing right next to the cross-country trail with views of Rotterovy Boudy and Sněžka.

9. Jelení hora (1172 m)

The most remote peak of the ten thousand is reached from the upper corner of the meadow enclave of Šíma’s Cottage with its protected folk architecture. The steep path leads to a crossroads, from there you go right and through a clearing you go further into the forest, where after about 200 m you will find a geodetic point and a pole marked summit. The summit is only accessible from 8 am to 5 pm.

10. Pěnkavčí vrch (1105 m)

The top in the old forest is marked by a bollard, a stone cairn and a marking post. The best way to get here is to take the Pěnkavčí path from Spálený Mlýn, turn left at the fork and after a while turn onto a narrow forest path that will lead you to the top. Other paths lead along the ridge from the west or through the village of the same name from the south.

Thousands are located in KRNAP, please be respectful to nature. Thank you!

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