Route from Horní Malá Úpa

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The easiest way to Sněžka is directly from the Wellness Resort Bouda Malá Úpa. The route is 6.7 km long, but the elevation gain is only 611 m n. m. 🙂

Take the yellow trail towards the Jelenka tourist hut.

From our resort you will continue 100 m up the road, cross the road to the Infocentre and you will see the Jeřabinka guesthouse and the Pomezní Bouda guesthouse. The path you take leads between them. Then cross the slope carefully and after 200 m you will reach the signpost Nad Pomezními Boudami (1070 m. n. m.), which rises on the edge of the forest.

From the cottage you will continue along the Czech-Polish Friendship Trail along the blue and red trails. The road is pleasant, it goes through woods and the climb is not so steep. After about 3.5 km you will reach the tourist hut Jelení Bouda (1250 m. n. m.). Refreshments are available here.

Then you continue 4 km along the red trail to the top of Sněžka. The path from Jelení Bouda is a bit more demanding. In addition, be prepared for quite a lot of wind in the clearing with low trees.

On the way back you will go again to the Jelenka hut and from there you can either follow the same route or take the red and blue trail towards Soví sedlo, from which you will follow the red trail until you get home to the Wellness Resort Bouda Malá Úpa.

In total, the route is 13.6 km long.

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