Tips for winter activities (in Horní Malá Úpa not only for children)

There’s plenty of snow outside, but skiing isn’t the only thing you can do in the mountains in winter. What to do if you don’t feel like skiing today?


You’ve had enough of skiing, but it’s beautiful outside? How about going for a proper hike or just relaxing around the hut?

Sledding and bobsledding

Just below the hotel, next to the final station of the Trautenberk lift, there is a perfect hill, safe even for the little ones. Bobsleighs and sledges can be picked up in our rental shop.

Sledding and bobsledding
Trip to the Church
Krmelec near Kraví hora
Falcon huts
Map of the area
Top of Snezka
Trail through the Treetops
Playground Emil's Forest World
Pec pod Sněžkou - Relaxpark
Zoo Dvur Kralove
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The highest ice rink is located above the Pomezky hut. You can skate every day. Skates and hockey sticks of all sizes can be rented at the Hořec Centre.

Cross-country skiing

Upper Malá Úpa is a paradise for cross-country skiers. The routes are not difficult, and are suitable for children and beginners. Complete equipment is waiting for you in our rental shop.

Trip to the Church

The best and easiest hiking tour around the area. 3 km there and back again. 6 km in total. Can be easily walked with small children. Don’t forget to bring a sled or bobsled, as 1/3 goes downhill, 1/3 on flat ground and 1/3 uphill. On the way back, stick to the cross-country skiing track near Moravanka. It runs more on the flat, you won’t have to pedal up the hill next to the Trautenberk lift.

There are two restaurants near the church.

Krmelec u Kraví hory – seating outside and inside, a few board games and a box of toys. Open every day from 11 am to 4 pm and sometimes even longer. More info

Sokolí boudy – indoor and outdoor seating, children’s play area and outdoor playground. In high season, they cook every day from 11am-8pm. More info

On the route you will come across two more options to eat. Open only in the main season.

Chata Moravanka: restaurant open every day from 11 to 16. But beware, when the school is staying there, the restaurant is closed for 1.5 hours. More info

Refreshments U Dědka a báby (at Grandpa and Grandma’s)

Fast food at the boarding station of the Rennerovka lift, popular with skiers. Lunchtime, lots of people, little space, chaos and noise. But they cook well. More info

An interesting tip, which we have not tried yet, is to take a sleigh ride from Kostel down to Spálené Mlýn and then take a bus back to the hotel.

Ski bus runs until 19.3.2023 from the station Dolní Malá Úpa, Spálený Mlýn every 40 min. Free with a valid ski pass, or 50 CZK / person. Children up to 6 years free of charge. You will get off at the terminal, at the station Horní Malá Úpa, Pomezní Boudy. More info

If you would like an even shorter route with small children and no stress. So you go down on a sledge, along the road or carefully on the Trautenberk slope, to the Kolbenka lift station. (a short walk from the Trautenberk station). Scramble up to the middle of the Kolbenka slope (there is no other connector in the area) and take the path you come across there to the left and slowly walk back to the resort with the kids. The way back is slightly downhill or on flat ground, so you can pull the kids along happily. We last saw sheep and a llama there. It takes us about 2 hours. For lunch in Horní Malá Úpa you can go to our restaurant Bouda Malá Úpa, to Trautenberk, to Hradečanka, to Skimu House or Zátiší.


From us you have a beautiful view of Snezka. But you’ve been there before? The marked path is only 7 km long.

If you don’t feel like walking, don’t despair, the cableway is open all year round. Just watch out for the wind. In bad weather the cableway doesn’t run! It’s best to go on a weekday and early in the morning to avoid long queues. More info

The Treetops Trail and the Emil's Forest World playground

A bird’s eye view of the forest. The tower in the shape of a tornado is 45 m high. The whole trail is wheelchair accessible, up to the top 1511 m long. Along the way you will learn interesting information about the forest, animals and the origin of the tower. Visitors can then ride down on the slide. The ride speed is up to 30km/h and therefore only children 120 cm tall and above can ride. More info

Dogs are not allowed on the trail. There are free pens for them downstairs.

Open all year round, except in bad weather.

There is a restaurant, toilets, a children’s playground and a souvenir shop on site.

An evening guided tour in the form of a surprise game can be interesting.

Pec pod Sněžkou - Relaxpark

Bobsleigh track – open daily 10:00 – 19:00

Fun for young and old, 700m long downhill, speed up to 40km/h, two-seater bobsleigh. More info

Zoo Dvur Kralove

Open daily from 9 am. Suitable for all weather conditions. In addition to interesting animals, children can have fun on several playgrounds or in the rope park. More info

An interesting feature of the zoo is the “Art Under the Skin” exhibition, which reveals more than 330 animal skeletons from all over the world. More info


When Krakonoš is in a bad mood and it looks under the weather or even worse. It is still possible to enjoy your holiday. Take advantage of the possibilities that our resort offers, or take a trip by car.

Restaurant with children's corner
Gallery of the Customs House
Svoboda nad Úpou
Indoor mini golf
Trutnov - Olympland
IQ park Liberec
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In our wellness centre you can stretch out in the pool, warm up in the sauna or relax in the heated hot tub. More info


There is also an equipped fitness centre right in the hotel building. If you feel the need to get fit, but don’t feel like climbing hills, you can work up a sweat here. More info

Restaurant with children's playroom

You can have a pleasant stay, replenish your energy, enjoy or switch off with a glass of quality wine or a pint of our famous Trautenberk. And your children will have fun in the children’s playroom. More info

Gallery of the Customs House

Creative workshop for young and old. Painting mugs or making beads from glass. The building is located on the main street on the right about 300 m from the hotel, a short walk from the Polish border. More info

Svoboda nad Úpou

Fairytale world and children’s playroom in the Infocentre. Open daily 9-17. Exposition of the Giant Mountains elves and fairy tale characters. You will see Krakonoš and his helpers, the Lord of Trautenberk, the moving Devil’s Mill, the Goldmine, the Oracle, the Trutnov Dragon with Albrecht the Knight and many others. It is cooler in the children’s playroom, so warm clothes and slippers are recommended. More info

Indoor mini golf and burger restaurant. They cook very well. It’s good to have a reservation. More info

If they are full, there is an Italian restaurant right next door where they cook with real Italian ingredients and make the best pizzas in the world. They also cook gluten-free. More info

Karpacz in Poland

Just across the border, you can visit the water park at the Karpacz Hotel. More info

Trutnov - Olympland

Two-storey indoor children’s playroom on 170 m2. Trampolines, ball pools, climbing frames, slides, painting and lots of toys. Open daily 10 am – 9 pm. More info

Hradec Kralove

On the first Wednesday of every month, galleries and museums in Hradec have free admission. More info


IQ Park for little kids / IQ Land for big kids. More info

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Tips for winter activities